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Altitude is 460m , climate modestly continental . Radioactivity thermal . For it's therapeutical radioactive properties, the Visegrad spa ranks the first in BiH, and among the top spas in all of the Balkans.The pool is filled up with continual flow of water from the nearby natural springs .
At the springs of thermal waters in Visegrad spa grows an endemic type of fern – Vilina Vlas ( Nymph's Tresses). The herb only grows in this natural habitat and it is impossible to grow it elsewhere.
Studies have shown that the thermal waters of the Visegrad spa are over 38.000 years old and they gush up to the earth surface from the depth of180 m . Water temperature is 34C . The water contains : natrium , potassium , calcium , magnezium, aluminium , lithium , troncium , manganese , iron , ammonium , oxide , ferrooxide , and other metals which give the spa healing properties. It is particularly interesting that the water of Visegrad spa contains therepeutical amounts of radon , known for rejuvenative properties.
In the complex of the rehabilitation center "Vilina Vlas" there is a restaurant with a summer terrace and patio, in which specialties of the old Serbian cuisine are prepared.
Restaurant – terrace is suitable for business , family celebration and important social gatherings .
The "Vilina vlas" rehabilitation center was opened on February 15, 1982. It is a modern-looking building , consisting of medical and catering wings . It has 160 beds in single-bed rooms , double-bed rooms and suites . The guests are welcomed and have on their disposal two restaurants with 370 seats , lounge for social games , an aperitif bar (cocktail lounge ) , terrace , a hair salon and a duty-free shop . Recently, another floor has been built with 18 suites for VIP guests . Moreover , guests can use comfortable and luxuriously equipped bungalows , too .
In the medical wing of the building there is an indoor swimming pool (18 x 16 m) with warm, therapeutical water. There is a trim cabinet for recreation and training premises , too . The spa has a well-equipped medical wing with the most contemporary medical facilities for therapy and rehabilitation of ailing individuals .
The thermal waters of the spa have radioactive , carbonate hemoeothermic properties . The essential therapeutic (healing , curative ) properties originate from its medicinal radioactivity , whose bearer is radon and its broken-down residue. The radioactivity degree (level) is therapeutically optimal, with no possibility of build-up or possible negative side-effects .
Radon aleviates pain , enhances the body immunity , has beneficial effects on some skin , endocrine , respiratory , allergic conditions . The Visegrad spa waters are used for prevention , healing and rehabilitation of all age groups . Beside the water , as the primary physical agent ,the therapeutical program includes electrotherapy , sonotherapy , magnetictherapy , thermotherapy , Kinezi therapy and mechanotherapy . The therapy is under around-the-clock supervision of trained , skilled medical and consulting personnel.

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